«Roots and Heritage»

Roots lowres

Illustration: «Roots and Heritage», 2019, Moiret Allegiere


Nothing but a drawing today. A reminder of the importance in remembering and honouring ones roots and heritage.

Got a ramble coming up this saturday on the importance of solitude, which turned out to take me longer to write than expected.

These things happen.

No matter how hard I try, it is frightfully difficult to measure how long it will take me to write something-or-other.

At times, the words fly from my misfiring pineal gland, straight onto the paper in a frenzied, bloodhungry fury. Other times, they come slow and deliberate, dragged up from the very depths of my murky subconscious, lured out from their hiding place with promises of sunshine and daisies.

Then I chain the poor bastards to the paper; whipping them into blind and obedient submission and force them to do my bidding and all my dirty work for the rest of eternity.

All the while, I look on with murderous glee and sip my coffee, thinking: «Thought you could escape me, eh, you magnificent arseholes?»

There is no escape for words. Only the long bondage; an eternal toil in blind obedience to their cruel and inhumane master, trapped within a prison of paper and cardboard.

At the very least, they get to live for ever.

Until the book-burnings begin, that is.


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  • Moiret Allegiere, 12.06.2019



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